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Dwyer Chiropractic Welcomes You!About Dwyer Chiropractic

After completing chiropractic college and working as an associate at different practices, Dr. Heather Dwyer opened Dwyer Chiropractic in 2008. She is passionate about helping those in the London and West Jefferson, South Charleston communities express life at their highest potential. Dr. Penny Shepherd, who has been a chiropractor since 2001, joined Dr. Heather in 2016.

Complete Care for All Ages

At our warm and friendly chiropractic care center, we focus on whole health for the entire family, with a particular emphasis on pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic. So that we can accurately evaluate your condition or problem, we use the Insight Subluxation Station and digital X-rays. We are also more focused on the long-term benefits of chiropractic versus quick pain fixes.

Our Mission

At Dwyer Chiropractic, we are committed to optimizing the health and wellness of your whole family through natural, drug-free chiropractic care. We value our practice members and treat you as a unique individual with specific needs and goals. We welcome you into a positive and loving environment that supports you and your family as you strive to live to your highest potential. We honor the trust you have placed in us to keep your family happy and healthy for generations to come.

Are You Living Your Best Life?

If persistent pain or chronic conditions are preventing you from living a full, abundant life, we invite you to discover the incredible, transformative effects of natural chiropractic care. We see so many people come in with a laundry list of medications or conditions that they’re struggling to live life with. The good news is that, by correcting the interference or subluxations in their nervous system, the body can heal itself and they can unleash their health and their life!

Discover how fantastic you can feel with natural, effective chiropractic care. Contact us today to book an appointment at our chiropractic office!


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