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New Patients

Welcome to Dwyer Chiropractic! Our casual, friendly and laid-back environment is the ideal place to start healing and feeling great! In our open office setting, music is playing, and you’ll find us greeting our patients with a warm smile.

Your First Visit

To save you time, you can download the new patient intake forms from our website and complete them at home. When you come in, we’ll invite you to have a seat and tell us what your health concerns, challenges and goals are. We’ll create a specific care plan for you to help you reach your goals. X-rays (on-site) will be taken if necessary. We also will take an HRV scan using the Insight Subluxation Station scan.  The first visit is $100 and includes your consultation, full health history and any necessary x-rays.  The first visit typically takes 1 hour in the office.

Your Second Visit

We will sit down and go over your results with you, and review the care plan according to what your goals are. Every 12 visits we will do a progress evaluation to see how you’re doing in accomplishing your goals. Whether you want to continue with wellness care will depend on what health goals you want to achieve throughout your life.  This visit typically takes 30 minutes in the office.  

Dwyer Chiropractic New PatientsGet Started


In addition to providing information at each appointment, we also offer periodic workshops throughout the year on various topics such as supporting the immune system, chiropractic care for children and many others. We hope you look to us as your go-to source for all things health and wellness!

We look forward to helping you change your life to reach your goals! Contact us today to book a same-day appointment.

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