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Pediatric Chiropractic at Dwyer Chiropractic

Why Is It Important for Kids to Get Checked?

We understand that you may be wondering why children should see a chiropractor. Children can enjoy greater health when they have a properly functioning nervous system free from subluxations. One of the first subluxations they get is either in utero or at birth. That’s because even a natural, vaginal delivery can create the first subluxation in that infant’s spine. For this reason, it’s important to bring your child in as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.

Will an Adjustment Be Uncomfortable for My Child?

A lot of times, parents may be concerned that we adjust children just like we adjust adults. That’s not the case as adjustments on children use less force and are incredibly gentle. We can demonstrate on your hand so you can feel just how light it is.

Helping Kids Feel at Ease

At our warm and friendly practice, we make all of our patients feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Our pediatric chiropractors Dr. Heather and Dr. Penny will walk your children through the entire process and let them know what any table or tool will feel like.

We will show them the tables and how they work. If there’s something they don’t like, they can let us know; we can change techniques or the way we perform the adjustment. Another way we explain the adjustment process to kids is by “adjusting” baby dolls and stuffed animals, so they know what an adjustment will be like. With infants, we often will have the mom lie down with her baby on her chest.

A Sampling of Success Stories

Healing Help for Reflux

One of our youngest patients — a 6-week-old infant — came in with reflux. The mother had a healthy pregnancy and birth but was put on reflux medications and antibiotics for a sinus infection at the end of the pregnancy. The baby also developed a lot of indigestion and reflux. After just one very light adjustment, he was able to wean off the medications he was taking. He started doing better and was able to eat and keep his food down.

Avoiding Ear Tube Surgery

Another young patient was a little girl who was told she would need to have surgery to place tubes in her ears. After working with her for a couple of weeks and making changes in her diet that included removing dairy, the adjustment allowed her body to function better. As a result, her ears drained. Her doctor was quite perplexed that she no longer needed the surgery. Her mom was thrilled that her young daughter wouldn’t have to go under anesthesia.

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